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About this report: identifying boundaries, material aspects

The report contains information regarding the CIB Group's organisational units and subsidiaries in Hungary. Data is always group-level; when it is not, we will note this separately. When determining the content of the report, we relied heavily on the results of various consultations held with external and internal stakeholders during the year, and determination of the material aspects was performed in compliance with the GRI standard.

Reporting period:                   calendar year 2019
Date of previous report:       June 2019 (GRI standard: “in accordance Core ")
Reporting cycle:                     annual
GRI application level             GRI standard "In accordance core"
Validity of data:                      Figures are data from 31 December 2019, unless we noted it otherwise.

Entities included in the CIB Group's consolidated financial statements: 


Country of registration

Scope of Activity

CIB Bank Zrt.


Commercial banking, leasing and factoring services

CIB Lízing Zrt.


Financial leasing




CIB Biztosítási Alkusz Kft.


Insurance brokerage

CIB FaKtor Zrt.



Recovery Zrt.


Financial consulting

Identifying material aspects

This CIB Bank Group report focuses on the material aspects specified in the GRI standard. We have defined these in previous reports and we have updated them every year based on the external and internal stakeholders' opinions and expectations, on the basis of secondary sources. For the purposes of the 2019 report, we have reviewed, with an internal working group and the support of specialist advisers, the potential changes in the expectations and concerns of our key internal and external stakeholders, and the opportunities for improving the report, and the bank group's CSR team and the experts who assisted in the preparation of the report reviewed whether it was justified to change the list of material aspects.

The review identified the aspects that impact the Bank Group's operation and strategy, and the relevant aspects that affect stakeholder groups, primarily our customers, in light of the local context as well as of international trends. In the course of the review we drew on our own research, sector-wide research, secondary sources of data, and benchmark analyses.

The primary target group of this report are the customers. Of the three target audiences defined in previous years, we are using other primary communication channels for the purpose of informing and engaging our employees and the media, so this report only serves as a supplementary source of information in the dialogue conducted with these two groups.

The content of ourreport corresponds to the requirements of the ISO 26000 standard, as well.

Sustainability reports

GRI compliance

  • 2018 GRI standard "in accordance core
  • 2017: GRI G4 "in accordance core", self declared
  • 2016: GRI G4 "in accordance core", self declared
  • 2015: GRI G4 "in accordance core", self declared
  • 2014: GRI G4 "in accordance core", self declared
  • 2013: GRI G4 "in accordance core", self declared
  • 2012: GRI G3.1 "B szintű" megfelelés, self declared
  • 2011: GRI B, self declared
  • 2010: GRI B, self declared
  • 2009: GRI B+, assurance statement, third party checked, assesed independent expert panel
  • 2008: GRI B+, assurance statement, third party checked
  • 2007: GRI B, self declared

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