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Our environmental impact

Recognizing that energy management has become a key factor both in business and from a social point of view, CIB Bank introduced the ISO 50001 energy management system standard at the company in 2016, which also helps embed energy management in corporate culture. In 2019, CIB Bank successfully maintained its ISO 50001 certification in the framework of a successful external audit, both with respect to the banking practice and the management and maintenance of the repossessed real estate portfolio; the certification is part of the ongoing activities of the Realty Services area.  


Unit of measurement






Energy consumption total


161,195 GJ

152,216 GJ

106,834 GJ

66,635 GJ

58 941 GJ

Electricity use [p1]


20,840,112 kWh

23,115,000 kWh

151,75000 kWh

10,396,286 KWh

9 893 613 kWh

Other renewable energy [p2]


71,580 kWh

13,972 kWh

70,000 kWh

67,223 kWh

16 511 kWh

Natural gas consumption[p3]


2,526,855 m3

2,028,000 m3

1,528,000 m3

711,843 m3

380 923 m3

Fuel consumption [p4]


223,524 l

189,142 l

221,312 l

222,180 l

211 351 l

petrol company car


114,980 l

72,989 l

56,674 l


29 348 l

diesel company car


101,555 l

116,153 l

114,988 l


118 553 l

petrol private car


4,754 l

6,975 l

33,440 l


34 655 l

diesel private car


2,235 l

1,387 l

16,210 l


28 795 l

Water consumption


36,498 m3

29,460 m3

23,781 m3

23,540 m3

23 187 m3

Vehicle Group

number of vehicles





126 db

Paper usage (office A4, A3)


125,892 kg

112,330 kg

95,740 kg

105,777 kg

115 864 kg

Paper usage per employee (office A4, A3)


54.83 kg/person

54.69 kg/person

48 kg/person

54.7 kg/person

58,2 kg

Energy consumption per employee


70.207 GJ/person

74.107 GJ/person

53,821 GJ/person

34,4 GJ/person

29,6 GJ/fő

 Energy consumption per m2 of office space[3]


2, 242 GJ/m2

2,778 GJ/m2

2, 136 GJ/m2

1,15 GJ/ m2

1,85 GJ/m2

CO2 emissions resulting from energy consumption[[4][p5]


11,868 t

12,119 t

8,584 t

7,150 tt

7 009 t

CO2 emissions from energy consumption

per employee 


5.92 t/person

5.90 t/person

4.32 t/person

3,7 t/person

3,5 t/fő

Water consumption per employee


15.89 m3/person

14.34 t/person

11.98 t/person

12,2 t/person

11,7 m3/fő

Employee headcount


2,296 employees

2,054 employees

1,985 employees

1,933 employees

1 990 fő

Office m2


71,891 m2

54,802 m2

50,021 m2

58,006 m2

55 313 m2


The solar collectors installed on the roof of the office building in Petrezselyem utca and the two office buildings in Medve utca, as well as the CIB24 buildings, provide hot water to the three central office buildings. The solar collectors resulted in annual savings of approximately 5 828 m3 of natural gas every year, which is roughly equivalent to the annual gas consumption of three average detached houses.

Greenhouse gas emissions avoided through the use of solar collectors (tonnes, as carbon dioxide equivalent)











Paper usage 

B2155000 - Paper

2018 (kg)

2019 (kg)

B21550 - Paper total (kg)


134 964

B21620 - certified paper: 100% recycled


20 491

B2155021 FSC-certified paper


95 373

B2155031 ECF/TCF paper



B2155041 FSC-certified and ECF/TCF paper



B2155046 other paper


1 218

B2155051 uncertified paper


134 964





  • Riding a bike to work remained popular, and our bicycle storage facilities were used to their full capacity last year as well, with all 176 spaces continuously occupied.
  • Following a hiatus of several years, in 2019 we will introduce selective waste collection at the Medve utca headquarters, and it is our objective to achieve selective waste collection throughout the branch network by 2020.
  • Every year, the volume of hazardous waste is reduced, and most of it is reused (e.g. restaurant grease).
  • We have installed new condensing gas boilers in eight branches, which ensure high efficiency compared to the old, traditional gas boilers.
  • In the course of the bank branch renovations in 2018, the change of the central liquid cooling equipment was ordered for two branches, and we plan a cooling system replacement or renovation or significant upgrade at eight more branches in 2019.
  • One important step is disseminating energy awareness among employees, as well as the annual examination for the related control system (ISO50001), which all our employees participate in. In 2019, our ISO 50001 Energy Management System was re-certified as part of a successful external audit.
  • In 2017, we introduced a “smart metering system” at 10 bank branches, which supplies online data to our energy management system in respect of the power, heating and temperature values of the selected branches. In 2018, ISP introduced a new smart metering system for the branch networks, which was also adopted by CIB Bank and introduced in 2019 for branches that operate under the AGDM (new branch distribution model) concept. Since then, a number of new energy saving ideas have emerged for the further use of the system, which will be implemented in 2020.
  • CIB Group first joined Earth Hour, WWF’s international climate protection initiative, eight years ago, in 2010. We continued this in 2019, as well, and we disconnected exterior lighting not only for one hour, but for the entire weekend, thus emphasising the importance of climate and environmental protection. With this activity, continuing the results of the previous years, we saved a total of 70.4 kWh of energy and our CO2 emissions decreased by 28 kg during this period.
  • Paper usage per employee - office A4, A3 - 58.2 kg/person.
  • Our Novathon conference in 2019 was made completely carbon neutral. In all areas of the event, we ensure that the conference left as small an ecological footprint as possible. The unavoidable ecological footprint was offset by planting more than 500 native fruit trees, which were planted in school gardens with the help of the GreenDependent Association.


The management of CIB Bank has declared its commitment to reducing unreasonable energy consumption, increasing energy efficiency, and as part of our social engagement, to the high-level, impeccable fulfillment of the requirements of the relevant EU Directives, as well as the maintenance and continuous development of a modern, integrated energy management system. In operating an efficient energy management system, our primary objective is to maintain the trust of our customers, preserve the reputation of CIB Bank and secure and improve our market position.

Accordingly, we introduced the ISO 50001 standard at the end of 2016, which was certified by an external audit company (SGS Hungary). In 2017, in 10 bank branches a "smart measurement system" was introduced, which supplies online data to our Energy management system in respect of the power, heating and temperature values of the selected branches. In 2018, ISP introduced a new smart metering system with respect to the branch networks, which was also taken over by CIB Bank and will be introduced from 2019 at branches that operate under the AGDM concept. This makes the work of the energy expert and facility management employees significantly easier. Several new ideas regarding energy savings have occurred since then with respect to a more profound utilisation of the system which will be implemented in 2020.

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1 Equivalent for achieving the same performance as that produced by the solar collectors, through the use of natural gas. (The conversion ratio applied by Intesa in 2011 was 1 m3 gas=9.5 kWh, whereas in previous years we applied the 1 m3 gas=9.6 kWh specified by our energy consultant).

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