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Community Support

In addition to being financially profitable, it is also important for us to meet our responsibilities towards society. In the interests of ensuring that both our stability and our growth strategy are fully supported, we minimise social and environmental risks and aim to have a positive impact, for the good of our community and our environment. Our responsible operation also extends to our external relationships and the role that we fulfil in society. 

In times such as these, when cooperation and collaboration are more important than ever, CIB Bank, as a responsible company, aims to make its responsibility towards society as a whole – in addition to its customers, employees and partners – tangible. While we are all struggling with the effects of the war, it is vital for the Bank to be able to respond quickly to the specific needs that arise and provide real help to the community.

Uncrowned Heroes

In 2020, during the pandemic period, the Bank launched the “Uncrowned Heroes” initiative, under which the Bank supported non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that selflessly help, among others, the elderly, teachers, doctors and others in need during the pandemic. 

The programme continued in 2022, after the pandemic has subsided, with the support of two organisations that support marginalised groups and that include community engagement as an important part of their work. The work of these two organisations is particularly important in the current economic situation caused by war. The aims of the Charity Taxi Foundation include social care for needy small communities, awareness raising, community building and social sensitisation. By combining the needs of the supporting and the supported side, they are working for a more solidarity-based and sustainable society. The Rosa Parks Foundation provides a developmental community for socially or financially marginalised, mainly Roma children who do not have equal opportunities to reach the top of the school system. At ‘Láthatalan Tanoda’ (Invisible School), the tools provided by social work, pedagogy and law are used to support families to exercise their right to choose their school, to ensure that their children can attend high-quality inclusive schools, to improve their self-confidence and to fully develop their skills. They contribute to children's development through individual mentoring, development activities and cultural and leisure programmes. The two organisations received HUF 1.650.000 each.

In addition to financial backing and cooperation, the Bank also provides communications assistance to the organisations to present their day-to-day life and thus encourage people to support the organisation or community initiative presented. 

Animal welfare campaign

CIB Bank does a customer satisfaction activity every year and decided to put a deeper purpose behind it. 2022 was the fourth year that the campaign focused on helping animal shelters and engaged with animal lovers. In Hungary, there are many dogs and cats waiting in shelters, yet few people decide to adopt them, so CIB decided to stand by this cause. In 2022, it partnered with FEMA Animal Rescue Association, which runs the shelter in Lovasberény. CIB choose this shelter based on the proposal of the Hangya Közösség, which is an organisation supporting animal shelters across the country. We conducted branch and social media communications to promote the shelter's animals, and bank employees were also involved in the campaign, donating material goods to the shelter. In addition to this, the Bank also supported the organisation with donations worth HUF 500.000. The shelter spent the donation on what they needed the most at the time: pet food and veterinary costs. 

JótettBank – Banki Véradók Hete (Good Deed Bank – Banking Blood Donors’ Week)

The Bank joined the initiative of the Hungarian Banking Association's Good Deed Bank – Banking Blood Donors’ week for the third time in 2022, and once again hosted a blood donation in its head office in cooperation with the National Blood Transfusion Service and the Hungarian Red Cross, in which 65 bank employees participated as voluntary blood donors.

Hungarian Food Bank Association

The national food collection weekend of the Hungarian Food Bank Association enable a form of charitable cooperation that provides an opportunity for our employees to contribute in a way that is free from the influence of business interests, and complies fully with the CIB Group’s corporate social responsibility principles. Towards the end of November 2022, 36 CIB Bank employees participated as volunteers in the food collection weekend of the Hungarian Food Bank Association. A total of 21.602 kg of food was collected in stores where CIB volunteers also assisted in food collection.

Contribution to the community in 2022

In 2022, the total monetary contribution to the community was HUF 19,350,000 

The main area of action for which monetary contributions were made in 2022 was the social sector, in a value of HUF 13,000,000. Compared to previous years, instead of supporting the health sector, and in line with the decrease in the intensity of the coronavirus pandemic, in 2022 we prioritised support for social and livelihood-focused civil affairs, due to the significant increase in inflation and energy costs. 

Over the course of 2022, donations amounting to HUF 6,350,000 HUF were made to the community. 

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