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Community Support

In addition to being financially profitable, it is also important for the Bank to fulfil its responsibility towards society. It therefore minimises social and environmental risks both to ensure its stability and to fully support its growth strategy, and strives to create a positive impact for the benefit of the community and the environment. Responsibility extends to the Bank's external relations as well as to its role in society. 
CIB Bank, as a responsible company, aims to make its responsibility towards society as a whole – in addition to its customers, employees and partners – tangible. It is essential for the Bank to be able to respond quickly to the specific needs that have arisen and to provide genuine assistance to the community.

Turkey earthquake

In early 2023, Turkey was hit by an extremely severe earthquake. To help the survivors of the earthquake, the Bank launched a fundraising campaign among its customers. In order to facilitate rapid relief efforts, an option was provided to send donations directly from the home screen of the CIBBank Mobile Application to the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid, which the Bank had already partnered with after the outbreak of the war in the neighbouring country.

Uncrowned heroes and animal welfare

In 2020, during the pandemic period, the Bank launched the Uncrowned Heroes initiative, under which the Bank supported non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that selflessly help, among others, the elderly, teachers, doctors and others in need during the pandemic. The programme continued after the epidemic ended and, unusually, in 2023, the Bank combined this initiative with its annual customer satisfaction campaign, which has been organised every year since 2019. 
As part of the campaign, in 2023 the Bank collaborated with the Bicske “Puppy Nursery” Animal Welfare Association, who, in addition to providing homes for dogs in need, also set social sensitisation and education as an important objective. The association regularly organises various programmes for schools and companies to visit the shelter, meet the dogs and the shelter manager as well as the volunteers – and on these occasions they talk to children and adults a lot about the importance of animal welfare, good pet ownership and adoption. Another big problem in the country is the lack of education about spaying and neutering, so the manager of the Dog Shelter has an ongoing offer to the people of Bicske to share useful information about spaying and neutering and to help them with the financial burden of the neutering surgery. Furthermore, their work is of paramount importance in the current challenging economic climate: many dogs are abandoned because the owner is unable to take responsibility for the pet due to a change in living conditions, and this has led to a decrease in the willingness to adopt.
The association also received a subsidy of HUF 1,000 000 in addition to financial backing and cooperation, the Bank also provides communications assistance to the organisations to present their day-to-day life and thus encourage people to support the organisation or community initiative presented. In addition to this, the Bank's staff also donated material aid to the shelter. 

JótettBank – Banki Véradók Hete (Good Deed Bank – Banking Blood Donors’ Week)

The Bank joined the initiative of the Hungarian Banking Association’s Good Deed Bank – Banking Blood Donors’ week for the fourth time in 2023, and once again hosted a blood donation in its head office in cooperation with the National Blood Transfusion Service and the Hungarian Red Cross, in which 112 bank employees participated as voluntary blood donors (2022: 65).

Hungarian Food Bank Association

The national food collection weekend of the Hungarian Food Bank Association enable a form of charitable cooperation that provides an opportunity for the Bank’s employees to contribute in a way that is free from the influence of business interests, and complies fully with the CIB Group’s corporate social responsibility principles. Towards the end of November 2023, 31 CIB Bank employees participated as volunteers in the food collection weekend of the Hungarian Food Bank Association (2022: 36). A total of 23,950 kg of food was collected in stores where CIB volunteers also assisted in food collection (2022: 21,602).

Contribution to the community in 2023

In 2023, the total monetary contribution to the community was HUF 36,450 000 2022: HUF 19,350 000).
The main areas of action for which financial contributions were made in 2023 were: social sector: HUF 26 000 000 (2022: HUF 13 000 000), education and culture: HUF 7 500 000 and environmental protection: HUF 1 950 000. Compared to previous years, the focus in 2023 was shifted from health to social and livelihood-oriented civil affairs, education and environmental protection. 

Over the course of 2023, donations amounting to HUF 17,500 00 were made to the community. (2022: HUF 6,350 000).

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