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Violation Reporting Systems - Whistleblowing

The CIB Group has an internal system for reporting acts or facts that may constitute violations of rules governing banking activities or other unlawful conduct (Whistleblowing).

Who can make a report

In accordance with the provisions Act XXV of 2023 on Complaints and Public Interest Disclosures, and on the Rules of Whistleblowing Notifications, starting from July 15th, 2023, the audience of possible whistleblowers will be extended. The following subjects can make a whistleblowing report:

  • employees and self-employed workers who work or have worked for the Group,
  • contractor, subcontractor, supplier or person under the supervision and control of a trustee who has initiated a procedure for entering into a contractual relationship with the Group, or who is or has been in a contractual relationship with the Group,
  • freelancers and consultants who work or have worked for the Group,
  • volunteers and trainees (paid and unpaid),
  • shareholders (natural persons),
  • persons with administrative, control, supervisory or representative functions (hereinafter referred to as “representatives”).

The Whistleblowing process, which integrates the other reporting systems and processes active in the Company, makes it possible to report, with the utmost guarantee of confidentiality, violations that damage the public interest or the integrity of Intesa Sanpaolo and of the Group companies of which become aware within the working context, or on the basis of the legal-economic relationship existing with the Group, protecting the whistleblower from any possible retaliatory or discriminatory behavior.

How to make a report

Whistleblowing reports can be sent using the channels indicated below (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

The report must allow the identification of the whistleblower (name and surname, relationship with the company and contact details) and must contain a detailed description of the facts and conduct considered to be in conflict with the law, also indicating, where possible, the documents, the rules that are considered to have been violated and the other findings useful for conducting the investigation of the disputed facts. Finally, the whistleblower has the obligation to declare whether she/he has a personal interest connected to the report.

The shareholder is required to provide the certification of the legitimacy to exercise the right and can request it from his intermediary.

The Head of Internal Audit ensures the correct execution of the process.


All whistleblowers address the main channel with the exception of representatives (for whom a specific confidential process has been envisaged). The report can be made, using the following communication way: 


Orally (worktime):

  • personally, to the Head of Internal Audit and/or the Head of Fraud Investigation.

The whistleblower may also request, through the two above mentioned channels, a meeting aimed at making the report. The meeting will be scheduled within a reasonable time by the Whistleblowing Team.

The personal data and information acquired by CIB Group company to which the "Whistleblowing" report is sent will be processed by the same in its capacity as Data Controller for the related management and will be kept no later than 5 years after the ending of the procedure and has as its legal basis the fulfillment of an obligation by law.

For reports of alleged non-compliance with the code of ethics, the following e-mail address is available: etikaibejelentes@cib.hu


As a priority, whistleblowers are encouraged to use internal channels and, they can carry out an external report to the competent Authorities.

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