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CIB ECO Bank Account

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Choose CIB ECO Bank Account and manage your everyday banking with the comfort of the online world at CIB Bank!
  • Monthly account management fee: HUF 0 (1)
  • Visa Inspire Bank Card fee in the first year: HUF 0
  • User-friendly internet bank and mobile application

CIB ECO Plus Account

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Choose the CIB ECO Plus Bank Account and enjoy your usual benefits abroad as well.
  • Monthly acc. man. fee: HUF 0 above a predetermined credited amount
  • User-friendly internet bank and mobile application
  • Main card fee in the first year: HUF 0

ECO ForYou Bank Account

Are you looking for a good bank account during your student years? Choose the CIB ECO ForYou Bank Account.
  • Visa Inspire Electronic Bank Card fee: HUF 0 in the first year
  • Monthly account management fee: HUF 0 for students aged 18-24
  • Free-of-charge notifications in the mobile application

Classic Account

Banking the traditional way. Why should you choose the CIB Classic Private Account?
  • Low account management fee: HUF 759/month
  • Díjnet electronic bill management - CIB Internet Bank
  • Preferential transaction fees

CIB Basic Account

Provides the basic services specified under Government Decree No. 262/2016 (VIII. 31.) in exchange
  • Monthly account management fee: HUF 1 188
  • Annual fee of VISA Inspire electronic debit main card: HUF 0
  • The first 2 domestic cash withdrawals in Hungarian forint are free
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Banking made easy. #withCIB

Banking made easy. #withCIB

Use the safe and versatile CIB Bank Mobile Application with any of your CIB bank accounts.


1 The monthly account management fee of CIB ECO Bank account is HUF 0 if within a period of one month, the minimum wage is credited to the bank account by credit transfer (even in several installments).
In the 3 calendar months following the month of the opening of the account, the Bank does not examine the credit terms, the monthly account maintenance fee will not be charged during this period. The first account management fee will be charged in the 4th month following the month of the opening of the account, if the Client fails to fulfill the given free account management condition.

If in the previous month at least the prevailing minimum net salary  was credited via transfer on this bank account (cash deposit and transfer between Client’s own accounts are excluded), even from more than one transaction, the Bank will not charge the monthly account management fee, it will be HUF 0 for current month.

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