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Voluntary commitment to domestic and international initiatives

Membership in international initiatives

  • Global Compact: A UN initiative that promotes corporate social responsibility through the adoption of ten fundamental principles relating to human rights, labour rights, the environment and combating corruption.
  • Equator Principles: Guidelines for social and environmental risk assessment and management in projects, based on criteria recommended by the International Finance Corporation, a World Bank organisation. The CIB Group has joined the Equator principles through its Parent Company, the Intesa Sanpaolo Group.

Membership in national initiatives 

The Bank’s partnerships with professional organisations also represent an important aspect of the Bank’s community relations. The interests of the various sectors of the economy, and society, are represented by the associations formed by stakeholders, each focusing on a clearly defined set of objectives. Our participation in these organisations is important for two fundamental reasons. Firstly, it creates an opportunity to engage in professional dialogue, and secondly, it provides Bank Group, and the bank sector as a whole, with a means of upholding and protecting its interests as part of a structured advocacy group. 

  • Hungarian Banking Association: The Hungarian Banking Association is the interest advocacy organisation of the Hungarian banking sector, coordinating and representing the official position of the banking community. Its main task is to represent the professional interests of its members.
  • Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry: The primary mission of the chamber is to promote the development and organisation of the economy, safeguard the security of business transactions and the fairness of market conduct and represent the general and collective interests of those engaged in economic activities by operating on the basis of the principle of self-government.
  • Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hungary: Its principal activity is to liaise with the competent Italian and Hungarian authorities in order to jointly develop the measures necessary to increase the exchange of goods between the two countries.
  • Hungarian Association of Internal Auditors: Its mission is to secure the acceptance of, support, develop and represent the interests of the internal audit profession in Hungary, to raise awareness of international and European internal audit knowledge and professional practice in Hungary, and to train and examine internal auditors.
  • ISACA, Hungarian Chapter: The Hungarian entity of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), an international professional organisation.
  • Chamber of Hungarian Auditors: Represents the interests and professionalism of the audit profession.
  • Hungarian Forex Society: The official interest advocacy organisation of Hungarian foreign exchange, money market, derivatives and government securities dealers. Its objective is to deepen and develop the professional knowledge of those involved in foreign exchange, money market or capital market transactions, and to represent the interests of Hungarian commercial banks at the appropriate professional forums.
  • Hungarian Advertising Association: Through its services and programmes, it provides a unique platform for all sectors of the industry to engage in dialogue and collaborative thinking and implement innovative ideas for the development of the industry.
  • Hungarian Canadian Chamber of Commerce: It provides an excellent platform for develop commercial relationships between Canada and Central Eastern Europe.
  • Hungarian Self-Regulating Advertising Body: Its principal tasks are to develop the self-regulatory principles of advertising practice in Hungary, establish international relations, evaluate legislation related to advertising practice, provide a preliminary opinion on advertising campaigns, co-ordinate between member companies, present and disseminate the principles and practice of self-regulation, and communicate the society’s needs and criticisms to the advertising industry.
  • ACCA: The global body for professional accountants.
  • Hungarian Leasing Association: The professional advocacy organisation of asset finance companies (leasing firms, banks, financial enterprises) in Hungary.
  • Hungarian Factoring Association: Its goals include interest representation and lobbying, training and continuing education, lectures, consultative forums, the exchange of experience, the dissemination of information and the development of financial culture in Hungary.
  • Hungarian Association of Independent Insurance Brokers: In addition to the protection of professional interests, its goals include the self-regulation of, and the development of a professional and ethical background for, brokers’ activities, the education and professional liability insurance of brokers, and participation in the development of legislation on insurance brokers.
  • The Hungarian Public Relations Association: It is an organisation that represents and protects the professional, ethical, individual and collective interests of PR professionals nationwide, and works to increase the recognition of the PR profession.
  • We are Open’ is a non-profit organisation that shows millions of people that creating an open workplace culture creates not only moral but also business value. Open organisations, where employees are judged solely on their actions and performance, are more successful and their employees more engaged.
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