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Overdraft and credit card during the moratorium

On this page you will find the most important information on how overdraft facilities and credit cards are affected by the loan repayment moratorium.

The expiration of the moratorium has been extended

We inform our clients, that the expiration of the moratorium has changed: it will be valid until September 30, 2021 in accordance with the relevant legislation. 

Briefly about the moratorium


Pursuant to Act CVII of 2020 on transitional measures implemented to stabilise the situation of certain priority social groups and enterprises in financial difficulties, will be granted a deferral until 30 September 2021 and Government Decree No 637/2020. (XII. 22.) on the introduction of special rules on loan repayment moratorium in relation to the state of emergency, our retail and corporate customers are granted a moratorium (i.e. an extension to fulfil their obligation to pay principal, interest and bank charges) until 30 September 2021. Accordingly, overdraft facilities and credit cards are also subject to the moratorium. 

In which cases have we set an automatic extension?

Extension of the moratorium has been automatically set for contracts subject to the previous moratorium on 31 December 2020. Of course, our customers have the option to opt out of the moratorium; to this end, they must make a statement. The relevant details are set out below.  

In which cases have we not set an automatic extension? 

For credit lines already granted based on contracts existing on 18 March 2020 that were not subject to moratorium on 31 December 2020, extension of the moratorium has not been automatically set, but where this is the case, you also have the option to opt in for the moratorium. If you wish to opt in, you also need to make a statement. The relevant details are set out below. 

You can access additional information on the loan repayment moratorium by clicking here.



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