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Paperless branch services

Innovative solutions, paperless services at our branches

Digital solutions at bank branches

Cash depositing 24/7

Cash depositing night and day at our ATMs

Paperless, digitalised processes

Paperless cash desk services, application for products and services

Community space

Bank branch taking on new meaning

Bank branch taking on new meaning


The essence of the new branch image approach, developed by the our parent company Intesa Sanpaolo, is that bank branches do not just serve the direct management of finances but can also be used as a community space of sorts, where customers have the chance to chat, meet or even to do some work.

Accordingly, these new branches mostly look like a living room, with a sofa and a large communal table, where anyone can sit down, not only those arriving to take care of their finances.

These new branches assign a priority role to digital solutions enabling simpler operations, for instance, using the tablets on the communal table, anyone can access their CIB internet bank or mobile application, and if they want, they can also ask the bankers for help in using these.

Cash depositing 24/7


Manage your cash deposits – even outside of banking hours – at any time of day, conveniently and without having to stand in line, using ATMs equipped to accept deposits.

The amount deposited is credited to your bank account immediately.

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Paperless cash desk services


All our branches allow for the management of cash desk transactions (depositing, withdrawal), as well as HUF and FX transfers and balance transfers, without the use of hard-copy receipts.

The receipts may be sent to customers electronically, via email or through the CIB Bank mobile application.

Applying for paperless services


Our Budapest branches at the Westend shopping centre, in Medve utca, Szent István körút, Kék Golyó utca and in Újpest provide the opportunity to our future and existing customers with Hungarian citizenship to apply for financial products and services in paperless fashion, using the electronic signature pads provided and, if needed, with assistance from advisors.

Information on the products and services that can be applied for by way of the electronic signature pad is shown below.

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