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Confirmation code for online purchases

Confirmation code for online purchases

The service provides enhanced security for bank card purchases online.
Collecting the card

Collecting the card

The bank card, and in the case of newly requested cards the PIN code generated for the given card, are sent to you by post in two separate envelopes at different times to the address you have specified.

If the given bank card is the automatic renewal of a previous card for the same card type, no new PIN code is sent; the card can be used with the same PIN code after activation.

If the account also has a linked supplementary card, this supplementary card is sent to the same address. Following activation, please give the supplementary card to its holder.

The PIN code is posted first, followed by the card. If you do not receive your bank card within 14 days from the receipt of the PIN code, please report this to the 24-hour CIB24 customer service call centre and request the replacement of the card.

We also provide the opportunity – against the fee specified in the List of Conditions – for you to collect the card and the PIN code in person at one of our branches.

Bank card activation

Bank card activation

Via CIB Internet Bank 

  • select the Services -> Card -> Activation menu item to enter the data of the card to be activated, then click Next and Send to Bank. 

Via the CIB Bank mobile application 

  • in the “My cards” menu. 

Through the 24-hour CIB24 customer service call centre, 

call the (+36 1) 4 242 242 telephone number, select menu item 9 “Card blocking and activation”, then menu item 2 “Card activation” and enter:

  • the 16-digit number of the card to be activated,
  • your telephone personal identification code,
  • then press the * button.

in person at a CIB Branch.

  • If the given bank card is the automatic renewal of a previous card: the validity of the old bank card expires with the activation of the new card and can no longer be used to either make purchases or withdraw cash.
Card blocking

Card blocking

If your card is lost, stolen or you suspect abuse, immediately have it blocked via the 24-hour CIB24 customer service call centre at (+36 1) 4 242 242, by selecting menu item 9 “Card blocking and activation”, then menu item 1 “Card blocking”.

Requesting a bank card

Requesting a bank card

Request a CIB bank card at any of our branches, through the CIB24 customer service call centre or via CIB Internet Bank.

Supplementary Card

Supplementary Card

You can request supplementary cards for any of your relatives, friends or acquaintances over the age of 14, concurrently with your own request or subsequently at any of our branches.

The supplementary card may be linked to the bank account of the Main Cardholder or to a separate card account.

The Main Cardholder is free to set daily cash withdrawal and purchasing limits for supplementary cardholders.

Tips concerning the safe use of bank cards

Tips concerning the safe use of bank cards

  • Our bank makes every effort to protect the assets of our customers, but your cooperation is also required. Please read some recommendations below on how to use your bank card safely and securely.
  • Never leave your card unattended or in a place well visible to others.
  • You cannot lend your bank card to anyone. Do not lend your card even to your closest family members. Instead, request a supplementary card for them.
  • Do not disclose your card details or any other personal data to unauthorised persons. 
  • Please sign your new card immediately after receiving it in the signature field on the back of the card. When making purchases, you are identified based on your PIN code or your signature, which means that failing to sign the card could make card abuse easier for thieves in the event of theft.
  • To ensure safe usage, set daily purchasing and cash withdrawal limits for the bank card linked to the account. You can do this via the CIB Bank mobile application, CIB Internet Bank, CIB24 or at any CIB branch.
  • Request the CIB Mobile Bank Card Monitoring Service or download the CIB Bank mobile application and set the Smart Notices Service function, which notifies you of any purchases or cash withdrawals made with the given bank card.
Tips concerning the safe use of the PIN code

Tips concerning the safe use of the PIN code

  • After memorising the number and reading the envelope containing the number, destroy the PIN code along with the PIN envelope.
  • Treat the PIN code for the card confidentially and do not disclose it to anyone.
  • Do not write your PIN code down. Do not have your PIN code written down in a notepad or saved to your phone (regardless of whether it is in encrypted form or not).
  • ATMs request the PIN code for transactions in every single case. Never say the PIN code out loud, and always enter it by your own hand, blocking the view of the keypad with your hand.
  • Please note that regardless of such rumours, if you enter your PIN code in reverse at any ATM, the machine does not alert the police and will not issue the requested amount.
  • Please also note that CIB Bank employees, merchants or even the police are not entitled to ask you for your PIN code, not even for purposes of identification.
Tips concerning the safe use of ATMs

Tips concerning the safe use of ATMs

Recommended tasks prior to ATM use

  • When using an outdoor ATM, please look around and if the ATM is in an isolated location or perhaps public lighting is not sufficiently bright, we recommend you choose another ATM for withdrawing cash.
  • When using an indoor ATM, try to avoid having strangers in the room with you while you complete the transaction.
  • Prior to the use of the ATM (cash withdrawal, deposit, PIN code modification, etc.), make sure that the ATM is operational (no error messages are displayed on the screen). Check whether you see any unusual objects that do not belong or signs of obvious damage. Scammers can block the release slot of the ATM, meaning that the cash cannot be collected and the machine is also unable to pull the banknotes back in.

Secure execution of bank card transactions

  • Prior to the use of your bank card, make sure no one is standing directly behind you and check that no suspiciously behaving persons are in the vicinity of the ATM.
  • When executing the transaction, stand in front of the ATM in a way that ensures that people standing behind you cannot see the code you enter or how much cash you are withdrawing. Always block the view of the keypad with your hands when entering the PIN code. Do not write down the PIN code anywhere, do not keep it on your person, especially not next to the bank card, and make sure you change it from time to time. You can change your PIN code at any CIB ATM.
  • Be cautious if you observe any strangers being overly helpful while you are executing your transaction. Do not let strangers disturb or interrupt you during the execution of the transaction. Always keep your bank card with you, do not give it to anyone else and do not disclose your PIN code to anyone.
  • Do not leave the receipt for the transaction behind at the ATM, always take it with you as it may contain information on your account balance. If the ATM offers you this option, choose withdrawal without receipt instead.
  • ATMs vary in respect of the order in which they release the cash, the bank card and the receipt. Always take your bank card, and never leave it in the ATM.
  • If your bank card is swallowed by the ATM and is not released at the end of the transaction, this may have numerous causes. It is possible that you took too long to retrieve your card after completing the transaction or the card was swallowed due to multiple incorrect PIN code entry attempts.

The 24-hour CIB24 customer service call centre to be notified in the event of problems

  • Should any of the above occur, please call the 24-hour CIB24 customer service call centre at (+36 1) 4 242-242.
  • If possible, make your call from next to the ATM, do not leave the premises until you receive instructions from CIB24 operator on what to do. 
  • Do not let any (seemingly) kind and helpful strangers call the Bank instead of you, as you cannot verify the number they actually called and who they spoke to, meaning that you may be disclosing sensitive information to unauthorised people. The CIB24 operator will never ask you for your PIN code, and should this occur, check the number you called. The telephone number for CIB24 is: (+36 1) 4 242-242.
Complaints - booked bank card transactions

Complaints - booked bank card transactions

There may be complaints relating to the transaction during the use of the bank card. In such cases, in the interest of faster administration, please complete the attached form accurately and as specified, and send it to us to KARTYACB@cib.hu, or submit it at any of our branches.


Tips concerning bank card use abroad

Tips concerning bank card use abroad

  • Before travelling abroad, we recommend you notify the CIB24 customer service call centre of your travels (including the starting and ending date of your trip) or report it in person at any of our branches in order to ensure that the use of your bank card is not restricted for security reasons due to unusual card transactions. Should the suspicion of abuse still arise, regardless of your preliminary notice we will, of course, try to contact you using the telephone number recorded in our systems. For this reason, please make sure that we can reach you because if we are unable to contact you, we may restrict your bank card.
  • It is important that you block your card immediately in the event of loss or theft. For this reason, we recommend that you save to your phone CIB24’s telephone number that you can call from abroad: (+36 1) 4 242 242, where you can block the card at any time.
  • Before leaving the country, you should check your card's expiration date as well as the daily purchase and cash withdrawal limits set as it is possible that you will be spending more than usual during your trip. You can modify the limits at any time in the CIB Bank mobile application.
  • You should also set the Bank Card Monitoring Service as well as the free-of-charge Smart Notices Service available in the CIB Bank mobile application to ensure that you receive notifications of all card transactions.
  • If your signature is required during card payment, always read carefully what you are signing.
  • If the given POS terminal allows for the selection of the currency of the transaction, we recommend you pay in local currency as you can typically expect the most favourable exchange rates.
  • In the case of transactions in currencies other than the currency of the bank card, the foreign exchange conversion rules are contained in the List of Conditions for the given bank card. The effective Lists of Conditions are available here.
  • You should, of course, also be cautious in using your PIN code abroad, make sure no one sees the numbers you enter into the ATM or the store terminal. Never write your PIN code down and never save it to your phone.
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