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Lovable banking

Banking can be lovable because we care about the kind of relationships we build with our partners. After all, we know that all business stories are also human stories.


At CIB Bank, we believe in strong long-term relationships. Whether business or personal, the secret of a good relationship is trust, attention and understanding. So that our customers find the solution that best fits their needs. So that they feel the difference in how we provide our services and what kind of relationship we establish with our partners.


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“We see CIB Bank not “only” as a financing company, but as a partner who knows us and provides expert assistance.” (…) Balázs Hajdu first met Árpád Mutsy, owner of Bio-Fungi Ltd., at an event organized by ‘Magyarok a Piacon Klub’ (Hungarians on the Market Club), sponsored by CIB Bank. It was at that event that their business partnership, which has lasted for almost a year now, came into play. This is also an example of how important the advisory role is in banking relationships. A well-prepared bank relationship manager is also a partner in business development. (Terracotta Ltd., Storeinsider.hu, 22.02.2021)



“We started almost from scratch. I sold my farm, that was the basis. And we needed a large bank, a financial institution that trusted in the success of the business. Because they had to trust us, since there was nothing but ideas in the form of business plans, and the bank could see my previous career. Not many banks would have given credit for this. Only one financial institution had trust in our plans, embraced us, so to speak. This was CIB Bank.” (Sotiva Seed Ltd., Kistermelők Lapja, November 2020, vol. 64, issue 11)



Zoltán Varga mentioned it as a positive example that while looking for the right financial partner, they found the understanding that they have not found anywhere else at CIB Bank. “They were receptive to our ideas, but above all, they understood what we were talking about. If something wasn’t clear at first, we explained it and they listened to us with interest. I have not experienced this at any other financial institution (...)” (Milk-Tim Ltd., Magyar Mezőgazdaság, 25.11.2020, vol. 75, issue 48)



CIB was not only a partner in the financial aspect of the investment, but also provided professional assistance. Our application was accepted without change, thanks to the help of the financial institution.” (Palotási Zrt., Magyar Mezőgazdaság, 25.11.2020, vol. 75, issue 48)



We have been in a relationship with CIB Bank for many years, and they respond very flexibly to our development ideas. We discuss plans regularly and always find a solution for funding.” (Farm Tojás Ltd., HVG.hu, 03.11.2020)

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