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CIB Export and Trade Financing

Business without boundaries

  • Are you looking for an exceptionally favourably priced loan with fixed interest rate over the entire term?
  • Do you require a customised, fast and expert service?
  • Are you looking for a financial partner that is experienced in documentary transactions, as well as in leasing and factoring?

If so, choose CIB Bank, a leading player in corporate lending for more than 35 years, which thanks to its wide product range, offers customised, expert solutions for meeting the financial needs of companies. As EXIM's fastest growing credit-institution partner1, CIB Bank has established a strategic co-operation with EXIM, which also conducts export credit agency activities in Hungary, and as a result, CIB offers reliable financing solutions fully aligned to the financial needs of your business.


  • you are looking for a favourably priced solution that fulfils your financial needs over the long term;
  • you would prefer to pay a fixed rate of interest throughout the term of the loan and avoid the risk of changes in the benchmark interest rate, so that you can plan your interest expenses over the full repayment period;
  • you would like to make use of the loan in a simplified, fast-track process.

Within the Export Promoting Credit Program on the basis of the conditions defined in refinancing framework contracts and ad-hoc specific agreements concluded between CIB Bank Zrt. and Hungarian Export-Import Bank Plc. (Eximbank), CIB Bank offers favourably priced, fixed-interest loans in EUR (or optionally in USD or HUF) in order to facilitate the direct export activities of those companies, which export products or services, and to promote those supplier companies, which indirectly support domestic export with supplying goods and providing services (first-round supplier of exporters).


  • Most goods and services can be financed, except - only in the case of medium-term loans - the exporting, or supply to an exporter, of entirely unprocessed agricultural products (grain, corn, etc.).
  • In the case of goods export, or the supply of goods/products to an exporter, a Certificate of Hungarian Origin must be submitted.
  • In the case of the financing of service exports, or of services provided to an exporter, a Certificate of Hungarian Origin does not need to be submitted.
  • The detailed terms and eligibility criteria are available at www.cib.hu.

Key features


Short-term (one-off or revolving) facility

Medium-term facility





6-24 months

24-60 months

Principal repayment

as you wish

every 3 or 6 months, in equal instalments       

Interest payment

every 1, 3 or 6 months 

every 3 or 6 months

Other annual fees

none (in the case of a revolving loan, a commitment fee is charged)


Interest rate     

FIXED during the entire term (not tied to change in the reference rate)


an exporter or a company supplying to an exporter

Available loan amount

up to 85% of the value of a future direct export or supply to

an exporter


Thanks to the strategic co-operation agreement concluded with EXIM, CIB Bank is able to offer numerous non-standard solutions tailored to your particular business needs, once the two banks have preliminarily approved the transaction.


  • You can implement your projects using an investment loan with a favourable interest rate, fixed for the full term. What is more, up to 100% of the entire export value generated during the term may be financed.
  • You can even apply for financing on a forint basis.
  • If you apply for a medium-term loan, the schedule of principal repayment can be brought more into line with your needs, through the use of what are known as supplementary loans.
  • FOR NON-EXPORTING COMPANIES, TOO! Now it is no longer just exporters and their suppliers who can benefit from opportunities offered by the favourably priced, fixed-rate EXIM-refinanced loans! Companies that are not involved in exporting may also benefit from similarly advantageous terms by using our competitiveness-boosting investment and working capital loans.

CIB Group offers a wide range of corporate finance services, and you can thus confidently turn to us if you are looking for a customised, one-stop-shop service that consistently assures you of the appropriate financial solution in light of your specific supplier and customer relations.

Our contact details

CIB Bank - Trade Finance, Municipalities and EU Services Department 

Telephone: (+36 1) 423 1840

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