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CIB Mobilbank

Stay up-to-date on your finances with our SMS notifications!

Simplify your banking with CIB Bank!

Internet Bank login monitoring

Internet bank login SMS notification

Card monitoring

Card transaction notifications in SMS

Account monitoring

Account transaction notifications in SMS

How does it work?

Account monitoring

  • An SMS message is automatically sent every time when there is a movement in the balances of the customer's current account, foreign exchange and card account.

Card monitoring 

  • It ensures an even safer use of CIB Bank cards as the customer immediately receives an SMS notification in the event of any purchases or cash withdrawal transactions authorized by our bank.

Internet Bank login monitoring 

  • An SMS message is sent automatically in the event of a login to the CIB Internet Bank.
Verified CIB Bank sender telephone numbers are:
  • ​​​​​​+36-30-3444-333
  • +36-70-7060-690
  • +36-20-9000-717
Discover an easier banking #withCIB!

Discover an easier banking #withCIB!

Open a current account, start microsaving or apply for personal loan on our website and discover our digital banking services!
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