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CIB Business Online

Steps to take to be transferred

You can also migrate to the new CIB Business Online on the CIB Internet Bank interface that you currently use.

If you wish to select a physical password generator for your users, you have to replace your old token in order to start the migration and must acquire a new type of CIB Hard Token.

If you select the ViCA application, you can initiate its installation at any time.

You can migrate in a few steps, as explained below:

  1. You can launch the migration in the 'CIBBO Request' menu item of the CIB Internet Bank.
  2. First off, it is necessary to read and accept the rules of procedure governing the use of CIB Business Online, and the CIB Business Online agreement.
  3. Select the password generator that the users registered on behalf of your company will use in the CIB Business Online system: CIB Hard Token or ViCA (personal authenticating mobile device for smartphones).
  4. Approve the above statements with the signature device you use on the CIB Internet Bank. By this, the new agreement comes into effect and you can save and print it together with its annexes.
  5. After successful migration the ‘Token registration' menu item will become available in the CIB Internet Bank where each user must register separately the password generator selected during migration (CIB Hard Token or ViCA).

Afterwards the new CIB Business Online will be ready for use.



Please note that for 30 days after the migration you will still be able to use your CIB Internet Bank for transactions, but afterwards only the Account Information service will be available.

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