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Magnifica - premium banking service

Magnifica has exclusive services, but in most of them, it opens up a new dimension in its finances. With Magnifica you can enjoy our premium services without costs.

What does Magnifica offer?

  • A highly experienced, personal financial adviser, Magnifica Banker is at your disposal
  • Joint planning of short, medium and long-term financial strategies
  • Investment consulting
  • Continuous portfolio monitoring
  • Magnifica discounts and rates
  • Outbound service at the branch
  • Dedicated Magnifica24 non-stop customer service

How to become a Magnifica customer?

  • the average savings account managed by the Bank on the last banking day of three consecutive calendar months is at least HUF 9,000,000 (ie nine million HUF) or
  • for three consecutive calendar months at your bank account, each month from the same account in the case of a lump sum, at least 450,000 HUF, in the case of multiple credits, a total of at least 450,000 HUF credit, or
  • you will enter into a separate agreement with the bank - if your savings reaches 9 million forints - so you can enjoy the Magnifica service without waiting for three months


Conditions for losing access to Magnifica service:

  • In April each year, the Bank will examine whether its magnificient customers are meeting the requirements for the provision of the Magnifica service. In the event that the Bank finds that none of the above service criteria is met, the Bank shall provide the Customer with a grace period for July 1, the same calendar year, in order to enable the Customer to fulfill the condition of inclusion.
  • From the end of the grace period, that is, the same calendar year from 1 July, the customer will lose Magnifica's status if the average savings rate managed by the Bank in the last bank day of April, May and June is less than or equal to 9 million forints At your bank account in the month of April, May and June, you will not receive at least HUF 450,000 in one or more of the same account.

This information is not exhaustive. For more information, call CIB24 at (+36 1) 4 242 242, visit our website ( or contact our staff in our bank branches.

The detailed terms and conditions for Magnifica are governed by the General Business Rules for Customers and Individual Entrepreneurs,. the terms and conditions of the Bank's current Investment Services Terms and Conditions can be found at and or in any of our branch offices. CIB Bank Zrt. Is not a bidding, investment or tax consultancy, its purpose is solely to attract attention.

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