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Private Banking - Private Banking Service

CIB Bank's Private Banking - Continue Values

What does Private Banking offer?

  • Assimilation for generations
  • Always available personal banker
  • Cash flow with exclusive terms
  • Investment services
  • Specific financing conditions

The highest level of banking services

Preservation and growth of family assets through generations is one of the most important goals of Private Banking, where our qualified bankers provide assistance. Our Private Banking Clients can choose from the CIB Fund Manager's palette, including our parent bank, Intesa Sanpaolo Eurizon Capital fund manager, and other reputable fund management partners. In addition to investment consulting, CIB Private Banking offers exclusive terms of payment and financing services. Private bank customers can arrange their bank and investment issues through their personal bankers so they can always rely on expert help.

Investment services

Investment funds

  • Creating personalized portfolios (taking risks, liquidity needs, yield expectations)
  • In addition to CIB Bank's products, professional fundamentals of other financial service providers are also available

Bond Investments

  • Unique government securities, corporate bonds with competitive returns
  • Watching maturities, interest payments, exploring investment opportunities

Equity Investments

  • Transactions in domestic and international capital markets
  • Stock monitoring, up-to-date market information, consulting
  • Involve the Milan and London experts at Intesa Sanpaolo Group if necessary

Credit Options

  • Complete range of credit products
  • Fast and flexible administration
  • Fast market loans - even within days
  • Loans with a HUF basis
  • Overlay with investment portfolio
  • State-subsidized loans

Payment services

  • Bank deposits: private banking customers have more favorable individual conditions
  • Account management in HUF and in major currencies
  • Treasury transactions (foreign exchange swaps, futures transactions, individual exchange rates)
  • Bank cards - Forint and currency based deposit and credit cards with insurance
  • Regular referrals, direct debit orders
  • Insurance of bank products (travel, life insurance, credit and property insurance)


The information is not complete, and detailed terms and conditions for Private Banking are contained in the List of Conditions and Business Rules contained in Related Materials, which are also available in the CIB Banking Branch.

Before you make your investment decision, you should always have a detailed account of your subject's investment, risk, fees related to the acquisition, holding and sale of your investment object.

The terms and conditions of the Bank's Investment Services are governed by the Bank's current Investment Services Terms and Conditions, which can be found at www.cib.hu and www.ebroker.hu and in any of our branch offices. CIB Bank Zrt. Is not a bidding, investment or tax consultancy, its purpose is solely to attract attention.

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