Are you looking for a great-value bank account? Do you want straightforward and easy banking? Choose the CIB ECO Bank Account to enjoy the convenience of online banking, and manage your day-to-day finances economically at CIB Bank!

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Key benefits of the CIB ECO Bank Account

  • HUF 0 monthly account-management fee: if at least the statutory minimum wage1 is credited monthly to your account, or if you qualify for a student discount2

  • HUF 0 fee for your contactless CIB Visa Inspire Bank Card in the first year3.


Benefits provided with your chosen bankcard, linked to the CIB ECO Bank Account

  • HUF 0 fee for ATM cash withdrawals abroad, with no limit on the number or amount of withdrawals (using a CIB Inspire Bank Card), from the Intesa Sanpaolo Group's ATMs in 11 countries.

  • HUF 0 fee for bank card purchases in Hungary and abroad.

  • HUF 0 fee for the first two cash withdrawals every month from ATMs in Hungary, up to a maximum total amount of HUF 150,000, in accordance with the statutory regulations4.


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1The monthly account management fee for the CIB ECO Bank Account is HUF 0, provided that a sum equal to at least the prevailing net monthly statutory minimum wage is credited (in one or more instalments) to the bank account every month by means of a bank transfer. The Bank does not check fulfilment of the crediting requirement in the 3 calendar months following the month of account opening, and the monthly account management fee is not charged during this period. The first account management fee will be charged in the 4th month following account opening if the condition for free account management, as described below, is not fulfilled. If, in the month preceding the charging of the account management fee, a sum equal to at least the prevailing net monthly statutory minimum wage is credited (in one or more instalments) to the bank account by means of a bank transfer (transfers between the customer's own accounts, or cash deposits, do not count towards the credited amount), the next monthly account management fee will not be charged. The Bank checks the receipt of credited amounts on a monthly basis.

2 The Student Discount is available for customers who are at least 18 years old but have not yet reached the age of 24, who possess a valid student ID card for full-time students at the time of requesting the discount, and present it when signing the contract. The Bank does not check the continued existence of student status after the conclusion of the agreement. Eligible Customers are entitled to the CIB ECO Bank Account Student Discount until the last calendar day of the year of the Customer's 24th birthday. Following the termination of the Student discount, in respect of the bank account the standard fees in the effective list of conditions entitled CIB ECO bank account for Consumers shall apply. If the CIB ECO Student discount is terminated because the Customer has turned 24, in order to ensure that the monthly account management fee of the CIB ECO bank account is free of charge in January of the year following the termination of the discount, a minimum amount equal to the effective net minimum wage must be credited to the account, first in December of the year in which the Customer turns 24.

3 The special offer only applies to the first VISA Inspire Electronic bank card, requested for the account holder by name, with an ECO bank account opened during the promotional period of between 1 January 2018 and 31 December 2018. For customers who already have a bank account and switch to a CIB ECO bank account, the special offer may be requested only if the customer does not have an activated electronic debit card at the time of switching the account package. The detailed terms and fees relating to VISA Inspire Electronic bank cards are contained in the Bank Card List of Conditions for private individuals.

4The first 2 cash withdrawals in HUF in a month from any domestic ATM the total amount of which does not exceed HUF 150,000 will be free of charge if, in connection with that account, a declaration (for two free cash withdrawals) is submitted in accordance with Act LXXXV of 2009 on the Provision of Payment Services.

CIB Bank Mobile Application

Easy to use, thanks to its easily navigable, user-friendly interface.

Using the app is free, and transaction fees are significantly lower than when doing your banking at the branches or via the CIB24 customer service helpline.

No notification charges: reduce your banking costs even further by using Smart Notification. In this way, notifications about all your account and card transactions will be sent directly to the application free of charge, saving the costs of SMS text messages.

Key functions of the CIB Bank Mobile Application

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CIB Bank Online and CIB Internet Bank

Do your bit to protect the environment by choosing electronic bank statements, which are available via CIB Internet Bank!

What other discounted services are offered with the CIB ECO Bank Account?

  • If you request and receive a CIB Café Credit Card1 with the CIB ECO Bank Account, the annual fee for the main card is HUF 0 Ft in the first year. APR:37.15%

  • In the case of opening a CIB ECO Bank Account or changing to a CIB ECO Bank Account, you can save with the CIB Duó ECO Savings product, at annual interest of 6% (AER: 6.15%) on the deposit component for a 2-month term!2

The CIB Duó ECO Savings product is a combined deposit, which combines the features of bank deposits and investments to offer higher deposit interest and a favourable potential yield. Essentially, the way it works is that half of the savings are invested in a fixed-term deposit, and the other half in Interest-bearing Treasury Bills.

1 For the CIB Café Credit Card offered with the CIB ECO Bank Account, the Bank reserves the right to conduct a credit appraisal.  The APR shown is calculated assuming a credit limit of HUF 375 000 and a term of 3 years. The credit card is classed as a credit facility subject to variable repayment instalments. The information contained in this notice is not exhaustive. The detailed terms and conditions of the CIB Café Credit Card are contained in the General Retail Banking Business Regulations for consumers and sole traders, the Specific Business Regulations Relating to Bank Cards for consumers and sole traders and the Specific Business Regulations Relating to Bank Accounts and Payment Transactions, as well as the List of Conditions relating to the CIB Café Credit Card, and the customer information notice.

Representative example of costs associated with the CIB Café Credit Card in the 1st year:Given a HUF 375 000 credit amount, 2.47% monthly interest, a HUF 2 800 main card fee and HUF 250 monthly account management fee, the total cost of the credit facility would be HUF 105 694; total amount payable by the consumer: HUF 480 694. HUF 480 694. The type of loan interest is variable.

2 What are the conditions for using the CIB Duó ECO Savings product?

  • You can use the CIB Duó ECO Savings product if you open a CIB ECO bank account, or if you switch to a CIB ECO bank account. It's important that the deposit fixing must take place within 30 days after the account opening/switch. The way a combined deposit works is that Interest-bearing Treasury Bills must be subscribed in an amount that at least matches the amount fixed in the deposit.
  • The funds used for fixing the deposit and subscribing the Treasury Bills may not derive from CIB Investment Funds and Eurizon Easy Fund Investment Funds redeemed or sold within the 30 days preceding the date of fixing the deposit.
  • The subscribed Interest-bearing Treasury Bills must be held for the duration of the deposit (2 months).
  • Each customer may only use the CIB Duó ECO Savings product once. It's important to note that, if you have a joint account - regardless of the number of account holders - the product may only be used once with the given bank account.

Please read the Key Investor Information relating to the CIB Duó ECO Savings product, and the General Information on Investment Opportunities and Risks, published by CIB Bank Zrt. Please ensure that you are adequately informed prior to making an investment decision; consider the object and the risk of your planned investment carefully, as well as the fees related to acquiring, maintaining and selling the object of your investment. The yield attainable upon the sale of government securities prior to maturity may be significantly lower than the yield realisable at maturity, and may even result in a loss.

Information packs relating to the government securities issued by the State of Hungary are accessible via the website.

In respect of the terms and conditions of the investment services offered by CIB Bank Zrt., the Bank's latest effective Business Regulations for Investment Services apply, which are available on the internet at and at any branch of the Bank. You will find detailed information on the fees applicable to investment services in CIB Bank Zrt.'s Schedule of Fees. The investment decision shall in all cases be made by the investor him/herself. CIB Bank Zrt. shall not be liable for the investment decisions made by the investor, for the outcome of such investment decisions, or for any losses sustained as a result of the choice of investments or of market developments.

This information contained in this leaflet is not comprehensive. This announcement does not constitute an offer or investment advice; it is intended solely to draw attention to the product concerned.

The detailed terms are contained in the Schedule of Interest Rates for Private Individuals and Sole Traders, and a detailed description of the deposit contract is contained in the Specific Business Regulations Relating to Deposits for Consumers and Sole Traders.