CIB Classic Private Account

We recommend the CIB Classic Private Account for those who prefer to manage their finances in the traditional way, with low account management and transaction fees.

Monthly account management fee: HUF 550

The benefits of the CIB Classic Private Account are highly attractive:

  • Low monthly account management fee.  

  • With our CIB Mobilbank service, we keep you informed about your current account balance and financial transactions.

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  • Overdraft facility
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*The bank offers the discounts on fees if you request the CIB Classic Private Account, the life insurance providing HUF 1 000 000 cover for accidental death, and the CIB Mobilbank Account Monitoring System together and at the same time. As a prerequisite for extending the period of the discount, you need to have a minimum net monthly income of HUF 50 000 paid into the account, and submit at least two orders, of the following types in any combination: direct debit, standing order of at least HUF 1 000, or a one-off payment order submitted via the CIB Internet Bank, all in the same month, at least once every quarter.