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Despite the temporary stalling of the economy, life goes on for businesses.

Our most important job right now is to help them overcome the difficulties caused by the coronavirus epidemic by providing them with funding, and to provide our customers with contactless banking options wherever possible.

A credit line of HUF 10 billion


We currently have a credit line of HUF 10 billion available to assist businesses. 

The specific purpose of the HUF 10 billion credit line is to bridge the temporary liquidity shortfalls of companies that have fundamentally viable business models.
Loans from this credit line can be provided to companies that

  1. due to loss of income, have additional liquidity needs, and also to businesses at which 
  2. increased stock purchases are twinned with a borrowing requirement.

  • During periods of economic upturn, the bank does not maintain a credit line such as this; however, in the current circumstances of the pandemic it is a veritable lifeline to many local businesses, providing them with significant funds at a time when such help is most needed. CIB Bank assesses needs that are directly related to the coronavirus based on a separate set of rules, with the aim being to support the day-to-day operations as well as the investment and growth plans of its existing and new clients.
  • As a starting point, we look at how the company is being affected by the coronavirus and its economic consequences, and what the short and medium-term prospects are for the given sector - and in particular, for the specific company. An important consideration is that the security for the loan should be stronger than usual and that there should be clear evidence of strong owner commitment. In terms of loan securities, we rely heavily on the Garantiqa Hitelgarancia Zrt.’s payment guarantee, which provides up to 90% coverage for the above purposes, and the fee for the guarantee is also notably lower than it was before.

CIB Bank’s current mission in terms of business financing is twofold:

  1. For our existing clients, it is to support companies struggling with a lack of liquidity in the crisis period through new financing, by using the various state-backed schemes (guarantees, the Funding for Growth “NHP Hajrá!” scheme and other programmes).
  2. For both our existing and our new clients, we are actively involved in serving the growing working-capital or investment financing needs of companies that are expanding or seeking new market opportunities.

NHP Hajrá


  • The objective of the NHP Hajrá! (in English: FGS Go!) scheme is to maintain the lending activity of banks and, as part of this, to refinance the existing loans of companies on terms more favourable terms than at present.
  • As with previous NHP schemes, NHP Hajrá! again provides opportunities to finance various capital investments, real estate developments or equipment purchases.
  • The NHP Hajrá! should give a major boost to the borrowing requirement of the agricultural sector, as there is a constant need for development in that sector, quite regardless of the current situation. The activity of agricultural businesses is usually seasonal in nature, with a number of developments such as machinery purchases or infrastructure investments becoming due in the spring.
  • In connection with the NHP Hajrá! financing, we also plan to involve the payment guarantees of Garantiqa Hitelgarancia Zrt., which include a preferential state guarantee.
  • NHP Hajrá! is also available in the context of lease financing.



Leasing – an ideal form of financing for developing a business     

  • CIB Leasing is currently a very fast-growing player in the Hungarian leasing market. 
  • With a full range of leasing products and with a strong bank behind us, we are a highly reliable financing partner for lessees and for car or machine dealers alike.
  • According to the data of the Hungarian Leasing Association, the market weakened by 13% in the first quarter of 2020; however, CIB Leasing’s placements increased by more than 60% year on year.
  • The MNB’s Growth Loan Programme continues to be a major driver of this intensive growth, and CIB Leasing also expects companies to continue implementing their development plans from the NHP Hajrá! scheme introduced to counter the effects of the coronavirus.



In the economic environment produced by the coronavirus, closed financing options such as factoring have gained in importance. 


  • In 2019, CIB Bank was the third largest player in the trade-receivables financing market, with 10% of overall factored volume.
  • Factoring is a flexible form of financing, which can be accessed simply by assigning one’s trade receivables to the factoring company. It increases the liquidity and financial security of suppliers, and in turn, their competitiveness as well.
  • During the factoring process, the bank provides funding in return for the customer’s receivables, while at the same time relieving customers of the payment risk. It allows a company to access liquidity by effectively “prefinancing” its customer payments that are becoming slower and/or more uncertain. This form of financing benefits not only small and medium-sized businesses, but larger companies too, as our clients do not have to wait the usual 30-90 days for their customers to pay, but can access their money straight away from the bank.

Lending related to changes of owners


Regardless of the current situation, in addition to the above, we intend to continue to be active funders of capital projects in the “real” economy, including lending related to changes of ownership at companies.

Managing corporate acquisitions and mergers, as well as intergenerational succession, will remain “hot” areas for banks going forward. Although due to their differing complexity each acquisition is different, and it is thus not possible to provide a universal, one-size-fits-all solution, setting up a framework can help a lot. At CIB Bank, the goal is to separate the simpler cases from the more complex transactions so that the former can be supported through a faster and smoother service, while not losing sight of the human touch. “There’s an important emotional dimension to every acquisition, and advisors need to understand that from the sellers’ perspective it’s not just about a simple transaction, but it’s often about selling their most prized possession. In the future, the personal side of banking will become increasingly important; the processes themselves will need to become more “lovable”, and there’ll be a stronger overall focus on people,” CIB Bank’s experts predict.

Auto industry


With a strong product range, customised solutions, the best possible understanding of the impacts of the coronavirus and a constant monitoring of the latest trends in the sector, the CIB Group supports players in the automotive industry as a committed and highly flexible partner.

In the current situation, it is of paramount importance that Hungarian automotive suppliers have access to the necessary funds, which are needed for the temporary financing of costs that continue to be incurred despite significantly reduced order volumes and postponed deliveries. 

By amassing a significant knowledge of the trends in the industry, and of the unique characteristics of and the risks facing the various companies in it, we are better able to tailor financial solutions to clients who require complex servicing and increasing funding.

Through a unique solution, we provide an option to transfer forints with foreign currency collateral, and so even if there’s a foreign currency liability, trade creditors can be paid in forints without having to deal with foreign currency.

We also keep industry trends in mind when developing our products, so we’re currently working – among other things – on how to make the leasing terms and conditions for electric cars more favourable than those for petrol-driven vehicles.



It’s in all our interests that companies should survive this difficult period, preserve jobs and embark on developments that at the same time respond to the challenges posed by the coronavirus, not just for now but for the future as well.

These include digitalisation, increasing bank card acceptance through e-commerce or POS solutions, and the development of new online sales channels.

Banking is evolving in a positive direction due to accelerating digital transformation and changing customer needs. The personal customer relationship will remain in the future, but the paperwork used in administrative matters may well disappear and be replaced by real value-creating advice and by thinking together.

Besides retail banking, we are also developing dynamically on the business banking front, a good example of which is our online credit appraisal interface, the CIB Small Business Loan Offer Generation Platform. By giving their tax number, name and contact details, customers who visit our website can find out in a few minutes what size of loan and what kind of loan they could be eligible for. Many other administrative procedures can already be conducted over the phone, including credit card applications, mobile app set-up requests and requests related to savings or transfers.

We also help in other ways


In stormy times, it’s harder than usual to stay informed and to adapt. Our colleagues will help you stay well-informed on economic, financial and financing matters, and to make the best decisions possible regarding your business.

  • Market analysis and macroeconomic overviews
  • Sector-specific effects of the coronavirus epidemic
  • Currency market situation reports
  • Navigating between government schemes and options
  • Investment funds 
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