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Responsibility in service provision

In 2018, our program entitled ‘100% Attention' was expanded to include new features, which help us focus on and track the satisfaction of our customers. We strive for long-term, good business relationships with our customers, and we constantly work to maintain the quality of these relationships.

In 2018, too, we launched our customer satisfaction surveys in several customer groups (retail and small-business): in addition to assessing our market position, we also contacted our own customers in the surveys.

Our comparison to our competitors always gives useful information for us to position ourselves on the market and grasp the opportunities for renewal. The result of our surveys among our own customers gives us information which helps us know our customers' needs and habits better.

From the survey results it can be highlighted that the level of our customer satisfaction and loyalty indicators continues to confirm our efforts: our general satisfaction indicators and level of our meeting expectations have increased both among private individuals and small businesses. Willingness to recommend has also increased, showing that our customers see CIB Bank's services as worthy of recommendation.

Besides our satisfaction surveys, we paid special attention to managing incoming complaints and inquiries. It is very important for us that in the case of these inquiries we seek the solution through a fair approach; we support this approach in the course of the year through trainings and expert assistance within the CIB Group organisations. Although the number of complaints we received exceeds that of 2017, we believe that the customer-oriented approach of previous years will deliver the expected results: people submitting complaints turn to us with confidence and ask for a solution to their problem.

From 2018, our activities related to collecting and managing customer comments were expanded to include a new "tool" called the "CIB Mérce Program" ("CIB Gauge Program"). CIB Gauge is ideal for receiving instant feedback, their quick processing, interpretation and for providing a response. The latter feature of the program is unique in the market, as it clearly shows that collecting comments is not only important to us, but that we also respond with solutions, suggestions and help to these comments.

The CIB Group closed the first year of its new, four-year strategy with a profit, based on sustainable profitability. Additionally, many of our programs (corporate culture survey, our related programs and transformation of the remuneration regulations) increased our employees' satisfaction and loyalty.

The clear purpose of our product developments was to be available as easily as possible and to the broadest possible category of customers. We received feedback from our customers on the further developments of our digital channels also from our surveys, which confirm the success of our innovations and the direction of our future developments. In addition to our award-winning mobile application and internet banking solutions, from 2018 we have been offering customers who do not have a relationship with the bank a new, fully online banking solution: they can request a personal loan or open a bank account via an online process with the help of a video call through our Website.

Our renewed branches operating on the basis of a new model, incorporate a significant part of the digital changes.  It is essential that we keep a close eye on innovations not only among our customers, but also among our employees in these branches.  We consider it extremely important to measure the familiarity with the new model, to monitor customer responses to innovations, which we analyse, interpret, and use as a basis for making business decisions before introducing further changes. 

Number of complaints investigated in the CIB Group 













Distribution of complaints by services in 2016

Product / service Number of complaints (2018)
Current accounts and deposits 3,125
Electronic channels 1,802
Debit cards 1,661
Credit and shopping cards 975
Mortgage loans 924
Transfers 732
Credit products 529
Leasing 467
Investment products 411
Insurance products 259
Distribution of complaints by type Distribution of complaints by type / 2018
Terms and conditions, and their application 39.2%
Processes 21.2%
Technical issues 12.0%
Communication and customer information 10.0%
Conditions 6.7%
Transactions 5.8%
Data Protection 2.5%
Settlement 1.2%
CCIS 0.9%
Abuse and losses incurred 0.4%
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Card Block
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Card Activation
9 2
1. Retail
1 1
1 2
Savings and investment
1 3
1 4
1 5
1 6
1 7
2. Business
2 1
2 2
Savings and investment, eBroker
2 3
2 4
2 5
2 6
2 7
3. English menu
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4. For not customers
Loans and Leasing
4 1
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4 2
Business services
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