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Safe use of CIB Internet Bank

What we ask for you

To minimize security risk

Please note that if you use your Internet browser to access other sites, you should definitely update your Java Utility to enable safe use of CIB Internet Bank and allow Java applications to run on your browser.

Download the Java Utility for Internet Banking: http://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp

Help with Downloading and Installing the Java Utility (PDF file if you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free)
In addition, we ask that you take care of selecting and designing a safe environment when managing your banking affairs to minimize security risks. Please also read our helpful tips below.

Creating and selecting a secure environment

When using the Internet Bank, be sure to select or configure a safe environment. For this we recommend taking the following into account:

Use only a licensed operating system that is legitimate and trustworthy, with automatic updating enabled!
Run your computer's firewall and antivirus software, which are automatically updated!
Only install programs from controlled sources on your computer, and to regularly update them.
These upgrade options are also offered as default by operating systems, firewalls, virus killers, and other programs, please take advantage of these options, do not turn them off.
If you use the Internet Bank from a strange, unusual place by using password authentication, we recommend that you change your login password and signing code to new ones as soon as possible with a (typically your own) computer (or CIB24 call).
Always check that your computer is not virulent (especially: Trojans). We recommend that you do not keep another browser window open and run other programs while you are using the Internet Bank.
Preventing phishing attempts
CIB Bank does not in any case ask for the customer's e-mail or SMS messages, nor does it require them to give or change them.

Use CIB Internet Bank and mobilCIB only on pages published by CIB Bank, ie:

For CIB Internet Bank: http://ibank.cib.hu or https://ibank.cib.hu (direct access from www.cib.hu)
for mobilCIB: m.cib.hu
When using CIB Internet Bank - before you enter your user ID and password - make sure that your computer communicates with CIB Bank's server and under appropriate security conditions! To do this, check:

Web address: http://ibank.cib.hu or https://ibank.cib.hu
Clicking on one of the icons in the Browser status line (security key / locked lock), the VeriSign digital certificate is displayed.

VeriSign certifies that the data is from CIB Bank's security web server. If anybody else appears please disconnect! 

Secret identifiers and passwords

If you are using a standard secret password, keep your user ID, password, and signature code secret. Verify that no one is watching your password and entering your code, and in no circumstances publishes them. If you feel that unauthorized persons are aware of your password change over the Internet banking system or immediately disable them by calling the CIB24 Customer Support Center ((+36 1) 4 242 242) (or by entering a Dial-Up Identifier Code) or in person at our branch office. Request our Security SMS service to keep track of your online banking login, significantly reducing your security risk!

When using a Token tool, keep your user ID and Token PIN secret. Make sure nobody is watching you when you enter your PIN and do not disclose it under any circumstances. If you feel that unauthorized persons have known your PIN, change them over the Token device. If you notice that your Token device has been stolen or lost, immediately disable it by calling the CIB24 Customer Support Center ((+36 1) 4 242 242) or in person at our branch office.


After completing Internet Banking operations, click the "Exit" button or the X in the top right corner of the applet.

CIB Bank makes the service completely secure with the most advanced procedures for communication channels and banking systems. With your help you can also get maximum security on the user's site.

What is provided by CIB Bank's system

The Bank's security solution was provided by Encorus Technologies Ltd. (formerly Brokat Infosystem AG), a world leader in the development of Internet banking technology solutions, which has been highly rated by the European Union in its category.

  • Application-level encryption of CIB's Internet Bank is a unique solution for the "small application (applet)" and the bank-side server application running on the client's machine. For this encryption, one-time secret key is generated by moving the mouse at every entry to the Internet Bank. The confidentiality of the data connection between your computer and the CIB Bank server is the standard SSL technology provided by the browsers.
  • There are two types of authentication options available for login and authentication:
  • In addition to using the user ID and the normal secret password, authentication of orders with a signature code word or
  • in addition to the user ID with a password generated by a Token device (for access or authentication of orders).
  • In the case of a standard secret password, at the first login, your password must be compulsory (accented and no spaces, minimum 6 and maximum 14 characters with at least one letter and a compulsory number), which will be repeatedly requested by our bank within 90 days.
  • After multiple unsuccessful sign-ups or confirmation orders, the system will disable access for security reasons. At that time, by calling the CIB24 Customer Support Center ((+36 1) 4 242 242) (by identifying CIB with the Telephone Identification Code), our client or personally bank branch may ask any of our customers to unblock it.
  • If you have a mobile phone to activate a user ID, you can request a short message (Security SMS) from any Internet bank's entry, disabling, and unlocking.
  • CIB Bank has a number of service packages, which were highly regarded in the compilation of security considerations. The Card, Query, and Fund service package does not include transfer functionality. The Full Package provides access to all services provided by CIB Internet Bank.
  • To avoid unauthorized access, if you do not use the system for minutes, you will be automatically exited (the last three minutes in the right column of the status bar countdown starts) with the login screen where you need to re-enter your user ID and password.
  • CIB Bank's server was certified by VeriSign.
  • CIB Bank's server is protected by a firewall.
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Balance inquiry and account information
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Mobile app registration code and digital services
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Savings and investment
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Activate your card, Card and mobile payment services
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