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CIB Savings for any purpose

It doesn’t matter what you are saving for, you can find the right solution at CIB!

CIB savings and investment products

Choose the solution that suits you best!


We reward daily savings
  • You can have immediate access to your money through the linked account
  • Fully online process from deposit to withdrawal
  • Small, daily savings to get you closer to your goals

CIB Investment Funds

Investment opportunities catering to a variety of needs and temperaments
  • Wide range of investment products
  • Can be selected for all term types
  • Portfolios adjusted to individual needs
CIB Investment Funds

Pension Savings

CIB Retirement Savings Account (NYESZ) – Enjoy your retirement in comfort, with a stable financial background
  • Free of capital and exchange gains taxes
  • Individual investment portfolios
  • 20% of the amount paid in during the year, but no more than HUF 100000
Pension Savings

Duo Savings

Higher interest rates and preferential yield opportunities by combining certain bank deposit and investment features
  • Bank deposit and investment at the same time
  • Higher interest rates and preferential yield opportunities
  • Investment portfolios created to suit your needs
Duo Savings

Marathon Accounts

You increase your savings by not having to pay capital gains taxes, exchange gain taxes and dividend taxes on your savings.
  • Possibility of capital gains tax-free savings
  • Available in HUF and foreign currency
  • Deposit or securities account
CIB Maraton számlák

Classic Deposit

Fixed HUF and foreign currency deposit savings
  • In HUF and foreign currency
  • Deposits can be locked in at bank branches, CIB24 and Internet Bank
  • OBA-insured up to EUR 100,000
Classic Deposit

Eurizon EasyFund

Put your investments in good hands with one of the most important players in the international fund management market.
  • EUR-based investments
  • Wide range of investment products
  • One of the key players in the international fund management market
Eurizon EasyFund Investment Funds


Wide-ranging investment opportunities relying on a well-capitalised, reliable banking foundation
  • Management of orders online, through the eBroker system
  • Investment account management
  • Wide selection of Hungarian and foreign securities

Regular Investment

CIB Regular Investment Fund Program - Automatic investment
  • Save small amounts every month
  • Regular, automatic saving
  • Service available free-of-charge
Regular Investment

Piggy Account

You can reach your goals with regular savings
  • You can access your savings any time you need to
  • Can be opened with HUF 0; there is no minimum initial payment
  • Monthly interest crediting
Malacpersely Számla

Government securities

Low-risk investment from a reputable distributor
  • Wide selection of government securities
  • Low-risk securities
  • For the short and long-term
Government securities
CIB Investments

CIB Investments

Wide-ranging investment opportunities relying on a well-capitalised, reliable banking foundation

  • Support from expert advisors
  • Individual investment strategies
  • Wide selection of investment funds
  • Investment account management 
  • Capital market consulting
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