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Discount regarding bank accounts


In the case of our bank account packages, we do not expect those of our customers who have previously met the requirements regularly to get the discounted account management fees to meet them now.

In the case of the CIB ECO and ECO Plus and the Online account package, the conditions for the discounted monthly fee do not have to be met by the end of the year, and in the case of the CIB Kártyázó Account Packages it is enough to make half of the usual card purchases for two months.

Details can be found in the promotion policies and announcements.

Our branches

At CIB Bank we are taking the issue of minimising the chances of infection with coronavirus very seriously. We have taken numerous steps recently to protect the health of our customers and our colleagues, and we will continue to do all we can in the interest of this matter. We are following the guidelines, restrictions and directives of the Hungarian Government and of the relevant Hungarian authorities, and we are complying with the WHO recommendations as well. 

Our branches remain open for our customers, but we have introduced a few restrictions to help reduce the chances of infection.

  • Most of our branches have returned to opening hours before the epidemic, but all of them are subject to the fact that after 1 PM (or in case of our Westend and Allee branch after 3 PM) we can only welcome customers who have preciously been given appointments by our colleagues. Please be sure to check the one’s opening hours before you wish to visit.  You can find the details on the following link:, which is constantly updated.
  • As of 1 July 2020, we will no longer limit the customers entering our bank branches, but we will ensure that the distance of 1,5 meters is maintained, so it could occur that our customers have to wait in front of the entrance. Thank you for your understanding! 
  • For the protection of our clients and colleagues, we can only welcome clients who wear a mask. Our colleauges also wear masks while serving our clients. If you don’t have a mask, but you have to visit our bank branch, please use an alternative method that you cover your mouth and nose with (e.g. scarf or kerchief).
  • A protective plexiglass is installed on the desks in branches to minimalize the risk of infection during banking in person.
  • We ask our customers not to visit our branches if:
    • they have come into contact with a person who is infected with coronavirus or they themselves feel they may have symptoms of the disease
    • they are  residents or employees of a property or institution that is subject to epidemical quarantine.
  • We can welcome these customers in our branches at the earliest in 14 days from the occurrence of any of the above incidents, i.e. once the two-week incubation period for the coronavirus – as accepted on the basis of the latest medical concensus on the matter – has passed.
  • Processing and customer service at our branches will be slower than usual, and therefore, and also to help reduce physical contact with other people, we would ask you to please use our digital channels or our CIB24 call center if you possibly can.
Anywhere, anytime!

Anywhere, anytime!

  • Key services available via our digital channels – 24 hours a day!
    • Transfers (payments) – domestic HUF transfer orders of up to HUF 10 million launched over a digital channel will be executed in just 5 seconds, 24 hours a day, even on the weekends 
    • Checking your balance/account history
    • Changing card purchase and cash-withdrawal limits
    • Managing your investments
    • Fixing term deposits

If you do not have the CIB Bank Mobile Application or access to the CIB Bank Online internet banking service

  • If you are the sole holder of your account, you can conclude a contract for digital services via our CIB24 telephone customer service.
  • If you have a business account or an account with more than one holder, or if you have forgotten your CIB Telephone ID Code (T-PIN) or the answer to a security question, you can only request that the digital channels be set up for you at our branches. 
  • The mobile application can be downloaded from the app stores, while our internet banking service is available via, if you click on Login on the upper right side of the page. 

Additional services


  • Our ATMs will continue to be availabe for you at all times, if you need cash, though you can also help reduce the risk of spreading the virus by not using cash, and so we recommend that when you can, use your credit or debit card to make payments. By using a contactless card, you don’t even have to hand out your bank card to make payments.*
  • Our CIB24 call center is available 24 hours a day,  on (+36 1) 4 242 242. It’s possible that due to the increase in the number of customers doing their banking over the phone, you’ll need to wait a bit longer than usual – if this is the case, we kindly ask for your patience. To receive a full service over the phone, you’ll need to have the following:
    • A CIB24 identifier – this is usually the middle 8 characters of your GIRO account number 
    • A 4-digit CIB Telephone ID Code (T-PIN)

* Information on the HUF 15,000 value limit for contactless payments

Based on the Government Decree no.60/2020 (23 March), from 15 April 2020, the strong customer authentication limit of individual contactless bank card payments increases from 5,000 to HUF 15,000.

In order for the POS terminal not to request a PIN code for transactions that don’t exceed HUF 15,000, the following three conditions must be met:

  • The POS terminal has been modified to comply with the above.
  • The change does not affect the regulation introduced for PSD2; it continues to apply. Thus, if the total value of the card holder’s purchases made with contactless payment, without entering the PIN code, reaches the amount corresponding to EUR 150, the terminal will also ask for the PIN code even in case of a transaction below HUF 15,000.
  • Bank card settings have been modified. 

In the case of bank cards issued by CIB Bank, we will proceed as follows:

  • For all Mastercard bank cards and for all Visa bank cards replaced since October 2018 or expiring after September 2021, a PIN code is not required for transactions up to HUF 15,000 (except in the cases detailed above due to PSD2 compliance and POS terminal settings).
  • In case of the Visa bank cards replaced before October 2018 or expiring before October 2021, if you wish to increase the limit to HUF 15,000, please indicate on our 24-hour CIB24 call center at the phone number (06 1) 4 242 242 and we will replace your bank card for free. 

Please note that when using the Apple Pay service, most POS terminals do not require a PIN code regardless of the amount of the purchase. Apple Pay is available with all CIB Mastercard and CIB Visa Inspire contactless bank cards issued by CIB Bank.  

Refunding the price of services paid for in advance

Have you paid for any trips in advance, or has the concert that you’ve bought a ticket for been cancelled? If you paid using your debit or credit card, we can help you. 

  • If the vendor cancels the service, the amount of the transaction must be credited back to your account within 15 days. If this does not happen despite the negotiation with the vendor, call CIB24 and we’ll help you!
  • If you’d like to cancel a service that you’ve already paid for, please check to see if it can be cancelled:
    • If it can’t be cancelled: unfortunately we can’t help you get your money back.
    • If it can be cancelled: please proceed in accordance with the cancellation terms set out in the General Terms of Contract. If it’s cancellable, the vendor should repay the price of the service to you within 15 days from the date of cancellation. If the money doesn’t arrive despite the negotiation with the vendor, call CIB24, and we’ll help!

Changes affecting lending

With respect to governmental measures affecting retail and corporate lending, more information is available here. 

We help our corporate clients!

We help our corporate clients!

CIB Bank offers a HUF 10 billion credit line for businesses. 

For details, click on the Hungarian press release, or click on the questions on the left.

Hungarian press release

What is new about this credit line?

What is new about this credit line?

The credit line set up by CIB Bank in the amount of HUF 10 billion is offered to businesses that are either in need of additional liquidity due to a loss of revenue or in need of funding due to an increase in stock purchases. In periods of economic upswing, the bank does not offer credit lines of this nature. In the current pandemic, however, it makes a significant amount of funding available to support Hungarian economic actors. CIB Bank will use a special set of rules to assess applications that are directly related to COVID-19. Its objective is to help its existing and new customers with their business operations, investments and plans for growth.

Do these funds come from a special source?

Do these funds come from a special source?

The special purpose of the credit line of HUF 10 billion is to help firms with an essentially viable business model overcome temporary illiquidity. The funds do not come from a special source: CIB Bank is ready to use its own funds to respond to the applications, and expects that in most cases the new Funding for Growth Scheme ‘Hajrá’ launched by the National Bank of Hungary, or another lending scheme to be introduced in the future, will be used. 

Is it different from previous credit lines?

Is it different from previous credit lines?

Formerly, banks typically offered more comprehensive credit lines with longer maturity. Today's pandemic, however, brings very sudden changes to all of our lives, and we want to make this credit line available as quickly as possible to facilitate response to these changes. CIB Bank may decide at any time to increase the volume of funding available to meet demand.

What are the terms?

What are the terms?

We start by examining how the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the economy affect the business in question, as well as the short-term and medium-term outlook of the sector involved and, more specifically, of the potential borrower. It is important that the credit line application must be accompanied by the strengthening of coverage and of the owner’s covenant. With respect to coverage, we will greatly rely on the absolute suretyship available under the soon-to-be-launched Garantiqa scheme, which can provide up to 90% coverage for the purposes indicated above, will be available to large companies as well, and will carry significantly lower fees.

Changes regarding Mastercard lounges

The Mastercard Airport Lounge at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport is open for CIB Mastercard Gold cardholders from 15 June 2020, with increased consideration of health regulations.

Our customers can continue to use the Budapest Airport Fast Track at the airport with a CIB Mastercard Gold bank card, but please be sure to keep a distance of 1,5 meters from other travelers as requested by the authorities. 

The Mastercard Premium Lounge in the Papp László Budapest Sports Arena is temporarily closed until further notice.

For more information, click here.


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